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The R and D Show is a periodic

podcast that explores all areas

of Research & Development

with host Matt Hermstedt


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The R and D Show is a periodic

podcast that explores all areas

of Research & Development

with host Matt Hermstedt


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Welcome to The R and D Show! On this weekly podcast, I chat with experts in all areas of Research & Development. The topics will vary greatly - technical areas such as hardware, software, chemistry, etc., processes, book reviews, best practices. If it has anything to do with R&D, it's fair game for the show. I operate under the assumption that if I find it interesting, you will too. I will especially try to root out topics that I know little to nothing about so we can all learn together.

You can find all the episodes in the index below.

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 Each episode is a blog post. So please comment, ask questions, and let me know what you think and what you would like to have on the show.

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PodCast Index

PodCast Index

Podcast Index

019 - IX, UX, We All X

Jason Whitney was there when the the User Experience revolution started and has been on the front lines ever since.

018 - Jobs to Be Done with Tony Ulwick

JTBD is the best tool for R&D since Stage-Gate (see Episode 8). With market success rates off the charts, you need to get on board with this!

017 - Are You a Sexy Boss?

Find out if you are, and if not, how to become one in my interview with Heather Ann Havenwood.

016 - Putting the Easy in Hardware

Jason Carman returns to the show to answer my thought provoking and classy question "Why does hardware take so frickin long?"

015 - Desperate for Approvals

Stephanie Barrows from Intertek paints the landscape of approvals and certifications.

014 - A PMBOK Primer

My take on the bible of project management.

013 - It's the R and D Show Mashup

A little fun this week with all the show intros thus far.

012 -  How to Reinvent your Company

Joanne Hyland of the rInnovation Group teaches me the Discovery, Incubation, and Acceleration approach to future proofing companies.

011 - Scrum, Agile, and Tasty Cupcakes

Josh Roberts returns to teach about Agile team management methods with a little bit of karate thrown in.

010 - A Conversation about Conversations

Elan from the Breakthrough International Group gives us the secrets to changing culture and getting breakthrough results.

009 - From Polar Research to Space Elevators

My wide ranging and fascinating chat with adventurer and author Dr. Robert Williscroft.

008 - Stage-Gate with Bob Cooper!!!

The founding father of the Stage-Gate process and one of the most influential figures in R&D for decades - Dr Bob Cooper!!

007 - A Quality Episode

Quality Management expert Barry Schmall and I discuss the role of quality in new product development and the benefits it brings.

006 - Book Review - Zero to One

Matt Reviews Peter Thiel's book Zero to One

005 - R and D Toolbox - Software Simulation

Mike Farleigh from ANSYS and I talk about software simulation and virtual prototyping.

004 - Agile, an Introduction

Josh Roberts gives the straight skinny on Agile. 

003 - V is for V Model

My interview with Nile Fairfield as we explore the V-Model which sits at the core of design and development.

002 - Software, a Baby Step

Software guru Mark Vogt schools me on many topics around software.

001 - What the Heck is R&D?

My interview with Jason Carman exploring the definition of R&D. Jason has a decade of experience bringing new products to the market.

000 - The Show about The Show

In this show, I give an overview about what you can expect from the R and D show as far as format and content.